Verification in the Age of Google Earth:

Virtual Cafe 3.0

14:00 BST


May 2021

Seven webinars on Verification in the Age of Google Earth (July-November 2020) brought together a very wide variety of people interested in different kinds of open source verification, and started conversations on the synergies, possibilities and challenges which link different approaches. Many of the webinar panellists and other participants have wanted to find out more about each other and build better networks across the sector.

Our Virtual Cafés have been organised to facilitate this kind of opportunity. They enable people interested in open source verification to get to know each other through short informal conversations that are unmoderated and unrecorded. They are open to anyone interested in human security and open source verification, including open source verification practitioners, researchers, journalists, policy-makers, and students.

The organisers will provide some structure for the event, but its main purpose is to enable participants to make connections and community build, rather than to answer specific policy questions, or carry out pre-defined exercises.

Virtual Café 3: Overview

The 6 May Virtual Café will focus on the achievements of the Iraq disarmament inspections during the 1990s and early 2000s, and what contemporary open-source research can learn from them. It will include experts on UNSCOM / UNMOVIC / the IAEA Action Team, as well as current open-source research practitioners and other security analysts. Discussions will not be recorded, and will be conducted on the basis of the Chatham House Rule. 


  • 2.00 pm Welcome and Introduction (Plenary)
  • 2.10 pm Small Group Conversations
  • 2.55 pm Conclusions (Plenary)
  • 3.00 pm Optional breakout discussion
  • 3.30 pm CLOSE