Newsletter March 2023

With a successful hybrid conference, the launch of our podcast series, and publishing multiple opinion pieces on topics ranging from the military balance in the Taiwan Strait to the extent and reach of the military industrial complex, it has been a busy start of the year for SCRAP Weapons and it looks like it will not be slowing down any time soon!

On 24th February 2023 SCRAP Weapons hosted a successful hybrid conference titled ‘Today’s Era Must Not Be of War’ which saw interventions from Soka Gakkai, Kings College, OXFAM, Youth4TPNW and SCRAP Weapons. The conference exploded how to make the G20’s call to end this era of war a reality, reinforcing our call for the activation of a Fourth Special Session on Disarmament at the United Nations General Assembly.

To watch the recording of the event kindly visit our YouTube channel here. We look forward to receiving your comments and reflections on the themes discussed.

If you would like to convey your support for a Special Session on Disarmament and SCRAP Weapons’ work, we ask that you kindly email the Interdepartmental Team of the New Agenda for Peace at and cc

The first episode of In Conversation With SCRAP Weapons is out!

In the first episode of our new podcast series Ben Goldman interviews Monalisa Hazarika, one of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs’ Leaders for Tomorrow. Tune in as they discuss the geopolitics of Northeast India, indigenous rights and Monalisa’s project, ‘Across the Chicken Neck.’ Available on SpotifySoundcloudGoogle Podcasts and coming soon to YouTube.


An article by SCRAP Weapons Director, Prof. Dan Plesch was published in The Conversation discussing Putin suspending Russia’s participation in the New START nuclear treaty and the impact previous agreements have had on arms control. To read the article visit or click here.

Pathway to Vishwa Guru: India and the G20
by: Monalisa Hazarika

“The past few decades have witnessed a remarkable transformation in the international political architecture, where the global epicentre of power has shifted from the West to the East, establishing an Asia-centric nucleus as the driving force of world affairs”

Taiwan Strait Military Balance
by: Prof. Dan Plesch, James Luk & Hugo Bainbridge

“Judging capabilities rather than political intentions is a mantra of policy makers. Yet a rhetoric of fear, propped up by the U.S. and Chinese nationalist rhetoric, is still proliferating a dangerous arms race in Asia”

TICK TOCK on the Doomsday Clock
by: Monalisa Hazarika

“We can no longer be blinded by paranoia induced by conspiracy theorists and must undertake concerted efforts to tackle the uncontrollable brush fire of greed and ignorance.”

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