Funding, Training and Mentoring: Opportunities and Obstacles for Women in Disarmament

Webinar 5: ‘Funding, Training and Mentoring: Opportunities and Obstacles for Women in Disarmament’

Our webinar, “Funding, Training and Mentoring: Opportunities and Obstacles for women in disarmament”, will explore practical and structural obstacles for women to both enter and progress in the disarmament and security fields. The focus will centre on the experiences of women from the global south. Questions that will be explored include: What education and training opportunities are available for women striving to enter the field? Considering that worldwide under 10-percent of grants are given to women-led organisations, what steps can be taken to overcome funding restrictions?

The webinar aims to place these themes within the broader socio-political context drawing in particular on the experiences and advice of established institutions which provide education and training in peacebuilding and disarmament. As part of this, the webinar will also provide insight into current campaigns and movements which are drawing attention to these obstacles and are striving to enhance the representation and participation of women in security discourse, policy and practice.

28th April 2021 @14:00 GMT / 15:00 BST (London Time)


Nancy Ehrenberg-Peters

Moderator, SCRAP Weapons

Eva-Nour Repussard

Moderator, SCRAP Weapons

Dr Meenakshi Gopinath


Armella Ndongo

WILPF Cameroon

Suhair Mahdi Muhi Eldin


Kayla McGill