Dr Dan Plesch Invited to the Civil Society Forum on the Conference on Disarmament

Dr Dan Plesch, director of the CISD, has been kindly invited to participate to the one-day Informal Civil Society Forum on the Conference on Disarmament, by Michael Møller, Acting Secretary-General of the Conference on Disarmament.

The Informal Civil Society Forum will take place on Thursday, 19 March 2015  at the Palais de Nations in Geneva.

This forum is part of Michael Møller’s ongoing efforts to facilitate initiatives that can help address the impasse in the Conference on Disarmament.

“It continues to be a priority for me to engage civil society to a greater extent in this effort, and I believe that there is much to be gained from a more structured and frequent exchange between Member States and civil society in this area.
In this context, the overarching objective of the event is to generate ideas and inject different perspectives into the discussions on the agenda items of the Conference through informal interaction among Member States and civil society representatives.” Michael Møller