Building on the call by the United Nations for a ceasefire in current conflict, we urge our own and other countries to Freeze Weapons Production, Trade and Supply.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposes that governments all over the world have failed to sufficiently invest in public health infrastructure to face such a crisis. Yet, the normalised practices of excessive spending on military modernization, procurement and operations persevere.

In these unprecedented times, states and corporations must harness their capability to divert military modernization, procurement and operational budgets as necessary complementary measures towards the delay, containment and eradication of the virus. Therefore, we suggest that states and corporations, individually or in cooperation, implement moratoria on weapons production, trade and supply, designed to free resources for medical and economic recovery and reduce the escalation in violent conflict and confrontation resulting from the social and political impact of the pandemic.

While there may not be a simple solution to the eradication of the virus, there is clear room for improvement and continued innovation in a number of areas. We have the opportunity to transform our economies in a manner that will result in greater investment in health, safety and social security, in existing institutions and in new mechanisms, that protect public goods, address humanitarian needs and strengthen international cooperation and leadership to address the common threats to human security.

4Kids International
Action Committee for Democracy Development (ACDD)
African Legal Think Tank on Women’s Rights
African Youth Institute
Afrika Youth Movement
Asociación Nuevo Amanecer de El Salvador, ANADES
Asociación Tiempos Nuevos Teatro
Canadian Federation of University Women
Canadian Pugwash Group
Centro de Capacitacion Social
IM Swedish Development Partner
International Humanitarian Law Club (Unimaid)
International Peace Bureau
Kokun Integrated Services Limited
Kusheka Mediation Centre for Peace
Massachusetts Peace Action
Nakua Na Taifa Langu
Non-Violence Project Foundation
OAA Study
One Young World
Peace Action
Peace Magazine
Shadow World Investigations
Students for Peace and Disarmament McGill
The AMBITIO Peace Network
Toronto Raging Grannies
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

“This is not a time for continuing to manufacture and deal in arms, spending vast amounts of money that ought to be used to care for others and save lives.”