The Disarming of Iraq: What went wrong and what went right Henrietta Wilson Senior Analyst, SCRAP Weapons  On the night of Sept. 25, 1991, Chief Inspector David Kay and his deputy, Robert Galluci, had a strange request for a group of Iraqis who were stopping them from leaving a car park. If you’re going to …

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For the first time, an international legal instrument on nuclear weapons recognizes the disproportionate impact on both women and indigenous people.

Courage is needed to seek and introduce women’s perspectives in disarmament since such revision will alter how arms control is perceived and developed.

Critically, the modernization of Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD)- counter opposing forces designed to destroy incoming missiles- poses a further destabilising threat to strategic stability.

Whilst key individuals and groups of women have had tremendous impact around the world there is still a disproportionate lack of female representation within society

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In light of the successful AEGIS Ashore test which shot down an ICBM on November 16, 2020 – SCRAP Weapons will host a webinar about the implications of (successful) Ballistic Missile Defence for Strategic Stability (or balance of terror), at both the regional and global levels.

2020 marks the 25th anniversary from the Beijing Declaration, which promoted the most visionary agenda in terms of gender equality in many areas, including security. Yet, big gaps remain to be filled.

Post-Covid Multilateral Cooperation LONDON, 8 September 2020- The role of multilateral cooperation in the Covid-19 context was discussed by the speakers of the webinar themed “Post-COVID Multilateral Cooperation- A chance to achieve a nuclear-weapons-free world?” The online event was co-hosted by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the UK and SCRAP Weapons at the Centre for …

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Disarmament that Saves Lives Dan Plesch Director, SCRAP Weapons, CISD SOAS Opportunities and Challenges drawn from the Panel Discussion, “Building on the Secretary General’s Disarmament Agenda” Relevance of the Secretary-General’s Agenda in the Light of the Current Context This is probably the chapter of the Secretary-General’s Agenda that should resonate the most in many countries …

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